How to bet on Razz Poker

How to bet on Razz Poker | Razz Poker Betting

How to bet on Razz Poker | Razz Poker Betting


Razz Poker is generally considered the reversed version of Seven Card Stud Poker. In this version of Poker, each player is dealt with 3 cards initially, out of which two are turned face down leaving the other one visible to all the opponents. This is followed by three more cards, which are dealt to the players having a round of betting in each case. Finally, one more face down card is given followed by a betting round.

In Razz poker, the lowest hand wins the game. Flushes, Straights or Full Houses do not count. Also, Aces are marked as low. Hence, the best possible hand would be a straight, starting from Aces to Five. This combination is known as a Wheel.

Razz Poker Rules

At the beginning of the game, each player deals the blind. In Razz Poker, as you are aiming at the lowest possible hand, the player having the highest card makes the ‘bring in’. However if two or more players have cards of the same rank then they are separated by the suits.  The highest card is considered only in case of the ‘bring in’. However, two players who have the same card during a show down, the pot splits equally. A table of razz can accommodate 8 players. Now, if all the players stay or survive till the end, then there are not enough cards left to be dealt. In this case, one card is taken from the community cards and placed in the middle of the table. However, rare cases like these almost never occur, since one player generally gets the high card and have to put down the hand.

Razz Poker Strategy

A proper strategy of Razz is hard to master, and though this is tough but it also can help one who has tried learning it, since many other players do not know how to play Razz properly. Razz consists of random variations, which is not liked by many players. The factor of luck is really important in this case.  In order to win a hand at Razz you have to learn the value of buying the ‘bring in’ and the ‘antes’ regardless of the stakes. If you want to steal the blinds in Razz, then you have to focus on the exposed cards you have on the table and compare it to the cards of the others. If you are stealing the blinds, then the hole cards do not play any part.

Aggression is one of the most needed tricks in Razz. You should confront your opponent and force them to pay or fold. So in order to win, you have to judge by observing your opponents exposed cards. Try to bet on the opponents who are bricking their cards. Note down the opponents who are folding.  Analyse all the players on the table. Notice their styles and make sure you use all these when you are playing against them. Be sure of the fact that the players who are playing more tables will not be tough opponents; hence, this can be an advantage to oppose them especially when they are losing. Try to get into the pot with these players especially when your exposed cards are low.


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