How to Win The Most With Your Big Hands

Perhaps the most overused option when a player holds a strong hand is the slow play. This is an option which does have some value at times, but that value is closely linked to how you and your opponent play. If they are trying to run the table and you’ve seen them fire barrels at multiple streets numerous times, the slow play becomes more attractive. If they have specifically bet flops against you and forced you off the pot on the turn or river in previous hands, slow playing becomes more viable. Try to only use this play when the conditions seem right, rather than it being your automatic response for how to play a big hand.

If you like to bet lots of flops and be active, it makes far more sense for you to play this way with a huge hand, because to do anything other than that means you’ve made a noticeable change in your pattern of play. This will set alarm bells ringing for your opponent. Play your hand fast and you’d be surprised at how often you get at least one or two streets of value if you are already a fairly active player in general.

Another strong argument for playing a hand fast is the texture of the board. The board texture can either stay fairly safe or get more dangerous with each card that turns over. It never suddenly gets safer looking. This is why when you have a strong hand, you should give your opponent the chance to put lots of chips in while the board texture still looks attractive to them. So often when something like set against over pair to the board, the player with the monster slow plays the flop. The board texture starts to look a bit ugly by the turn, players slow down and the player with the set misses out on lots of chips.

Finally, be careful about what you’re saying and doing. If someone starts asking you questions it normally means that they have something that may warrant them putting more chips in the pot, but if you start acting worried or trying to give smart answers to questions, you can quickly give away information and convince them to fold.


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