How to Choose the Right Game

How to Choose the Right Game

In order to maximise profit margins, it is important for serious poker players to select the right type of game. This can range from an obvious choice to either play online, or live, to selecting the seat which you will occupy.

The difference between online and live is fairly obvious, but as a general rule it is important to note that live games offer softer fields, but you get to play far less hands per hour than you would online. The online option allows players to play many tables at once too, and so it tends to be the favourite choice for players looking to generate an optimal win rate.

In terms of the seat you choose, you must always try not to have overly aggressive players sat on your left. This is mainly because raising a reasonably wide range when you are in late position is a profitable way to play, but someone on your left raising you every time you do this, takes away any effectiveness this strategy has. If you eventually end up calling the raise, you are playing out of position against an aggressive player, which also isn’t good.

Aside from anything else, the variety of game you choose to play is also very important. Most people have been playing Holdem for years and the amount of information about good strategy out there is endless. The average Holdem player continues to get stronger, squeezing profit margins for everyone, and so learning a new game can be hugely beneficial. More obscure games such as 2-7 draw, Badugi, Omaha or a split pot variant do not have large flows of player traffic, but the players who do sit down will normally be quite unskilled. If there is a substantial swing in which game is the most popular in the world within the coming years, it would be highly lucrative for a person to already be quite skilled at that game.

Poker is filled with choice, from before you sit down, to the last bet you make, and every choice has some bearing on how much profit you make. Learn to understand every choice available and make your selections based on good business decisions rather than ego. There is no shame in starting at the bottom and working your way up.


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