How to Bet on 5 Card Draw

How to Bet on 5 Card Draw | 5 Card Draw Betting

How to Play the Game

The rules of this game are simple enough to learn but as with most poker games, it requires work to become highly skilled. Once the blinds are placed, each player is dealt five cards. Players have the chance to fold or enter the pot with action moving around the table in the usual fashion. Players can then opt to discard (draw) any of their five cards, before receiving new ones from the deck. If you are dealt AA38J for example, the most common choice is to keep the AA and draw three cards. Another round of betting then ensues, before showdown.

Strategic Concepts

One of the key principles to this game is deciphering a players hand strength based around the number of cards drawn, and their betting. If someone limps into a pot, and draws one card, they are either playing a good hand cautiously or they have a straight draw or flush draw. Normally it is the latter. So when you then draw three cards and hit AAA, don’t just instantly press the call button when you are raised. Players can sometimes draw one card to disguise trips as a two pair, or draw two cards to make one pair appear to be trips. Players are often habitual in these tendencies so it’s important to commit opponent’s actions to memory.

Bluffing Aspects of Interest

One of the most frequent bluffing ploys you will see in this game involves coupling a raise or 3 bet with holding a flush draw or straight draw. The player will draw one card, then fire another bet whether they complete the hand or not. If their opponent holds worse than a decent two pair, it’s very difficult for them to continue.

Considering players draw no cards (stand pat) when they are dealt a straight or better, there is also an option for an opponent to re raise you before standing pat with nothing, and then betting heavily. This is a bluffing concept which if used sparingly, can be difficult to play against.


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