How to Bet on 2-7 Triple Draw

How to Bet on 2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 Triple Draw has real reputation as providing a pure poker experience. What this means is, there really isn’t a great deal of information to suggest whether your opponent has a real hand or not, you just have to read bluffing tendencies, body language, and recognise patterns in their play.

The WSOP main event is decided over no limit Holdem, but in the beginning it was debated whether 2-7 draw should be the world championship game of choice, and for good reason.

This game begins with a small and big blind being placed, and each player being dealt 5 cards.

With Triple Draw being almost exclusively a limit betting game, normal caps to betting on each round are in place. Players have a chance to bet after receiving their 5 cards, then after the first, second, and third draw. Each draw allows the players to discard as many cards as they like, in exchange for new ones. The aim of the game is to complete the best possible low hand, with straights and flushes counting against the player. This means that the best possible hand is 23457, provided they aren’t all the same suit of course. Hands like 97543 would have some value, and would be known as a ‘9 low.’

Bluffing plays its part in this game, as players might draw 1 card then bet out against a player who drew 2, even if they miss completely. If the player drawing 2 hasn’t improved, they often fold. The more audacious bluff would be to stand pat without having completed a good low, and hope your opponent misses on the final draw. It is harder to make a good low hand than it seems when drawing 1, so often a stand pat on the final draw, and a bluff, will work.

Other tactical elements of this game include bluffing more frequently if low cards pass through your hand which doesn’t help you. For instance having 257 and drawing 2 cards, you’d hate to be given a 5 and 7, because pairs don’t help you. But you have slightly depleted the deck of good cards for your opponent, meaning that bluffs may be successful slightly more often. Also, it is always good to play hands that include 27 rather than something like 3567J. This is because you can’t hit a straight when holding 2756J and trying to make a low.


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