How to Bet on Financials

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How to Bet on Financials

How To Bet on Financials | Financials Betting

The financial situation of an organization or individual is known as financials.  The viability of a business process can be very clearly understood by going through the objective data defining the financial status of the company.  When it comes to betting on financials we are talking about the financials of companies.  Financials consists of details about the balance sheet of a company, the income statement for the company, annual report and related indicators that talk about the profit potential of the business in question.  In pure sense, financials should relate to companies, but the term is used widely across every underlying asset type tradable.

Completely New To Stock Markets

Financial betting is spread betting.  Those who are completely new to the stock markets will be able to make considerable profits while trying to understanding the movements of the price direction on the stock market.  The advantage of financial betting is that you will be able to make more profits regardless of whether the shares go up or down.   All you will be doing is to predict whether the price will move up or down.  The challenge involved with spread betting is about being able to predict the flow of the price direction of the stock or indices correctly.  Whether you call up or down, it does not matter, it is about being right.

Financials also known as spread betting or binary betting is offered for:

  • Individual stocks of a corporation
  • Stock market indices
  • Commodities
  • Currency pairs
  • Bonds and interest rates

Binary betting or financial betting has been compared to gambling and has been subject to lot of criticisms.  Different regulatory bodies have regulated the methods in which the financials bets are being organized.  The industry is slowly gaining approval from veteran investors.  Several critics of the past are slowly turning towards betting in financials.  It is expected that in the future with improved regulations; the industry might attract repeat clients involved in trades after trades, years after years.

What  Attracts Investors?

The interesting thing that attracts investors to bet on financials is that they need not be precise on the strike price.  They need to simply predict the direction as up or down.  For instance, if an investor chooses oil as the asset type and places a bet stating the price will go up, regardless of whether the price goes up by 10 points or 20 points, the investor will get the profits for simply predicting the price direction will be on the upscale.  However, if the investor says the price will go up and even if the price goes down by 1 point, he will lose profits.

Trading On Margin

You need not invest huge sums of money to earn from financials.  You need money enough to place your prediction.  At any point in time you will be staking in the value you invest to place your prediction. If your bet goes wrong you will be losing just your stake.  Nothing more and you are free to log off and come back with new plans the day next.

Trading on margin is one advantage with financial betting.   If the trading platform you sign up for allows you to trade on margin you can trade for more than you actually deposit; however, it comes with a price and when you go on a series of losses, it can feel like a messy situation.  When you win it is best profits though.

Educational Academy – Demo Account

Almost every trading site provides with an educational academy or a demo account.  Before you invest real money you can try your hands at the demo accounts offered by the trading platform.  Once you are confident you can move ahead to real money.

There are lots of tools, calculators, and indicators provided for the trading process.  Get used to the methods involved in applying them to make best trading decisions.  The process of investing and locking in the trade is easy.  The trickiest part is about being correct in the decision making.  Being correct in the decision making takes lot of skills about fundamentals and technicals.

Keeping tab of the past price levels, the previous price level just before placing your bet are all tiny nuances that can help you copy with the nano-second volatility that will be seen in the financial graphs! Experience (Period).


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