How to Bet on Forex

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How to Bet on Forex | Forex Betting

How to Bet on Forex | Forex Betting

The foreign exchange market continues to be the largest market in the world.  Every time, goods or services are changing hands, currencies keep changing hands.   When goods or services are being exchanged between nations, then, the currency of one country is being exchanged for another.  It is well known that there is a difference in the currency value of one country, when compared to the currency value of another country.  The difference in this value is known as arbitrage.  The numbers of transactions and the arbitrage factor involved in the foreign exchange market creates a situation where the currency value tends to fluctuate between minutes.

What is a Currency Pair?

A currency pair is indeed a quotation.  The quotation expresses the relative value of the currency unit versus the currency unit of another country.  The reference currency is also known as the counter currency or the quote currency.  The currency that is quoted with respect to the other currency is known as the base currency. The base currency is the transaction currency.  Currency codes are expressed in terms of their ISO currency codes.  For instance, we can check in to the most commonly traded currency pair the EUR/USD.  The EUR is the base currency and the USD is the counter currency.  The quote EUR/USD 1.5300 is an expression to state that to buy 1 Euro with USD you need 1.5300 dollars.

The most commonly traded currency pairs are known as major currency pairs.  The other currency pairs, which are being traded, are the minor pairs, cross pairs, and exotic pairs.  Exotic pairs cannot be easily liquefied.  Any currency pair that does not have the USD is known as the cross pair.

Trading In Forex

Speculators who bet on the value of the currencies make profits by taking long or short positions in forex trading by assessing the opportunities for profit making.  There are major currency pairs, minor currency pairs, cross pairs, and exotic currency pairs.

Trading in forex revolves around PIP (Percentage in Point), ask price, bid price, spreads, and currency rate.  There are other parameters to know, but to start off you just need to know so much.

  • Ask price – The amount of money you should be paying to buy ownership for a specific currency
  • Bid price – The price that you will be willing to sell your currency for is known as the bid price
  • Spreads – The difference between the bid price and the ask price
  • Currency rate – The value of one currency versus the other

Account, Commissions, and Fees

To trade in forex, you should be setting up a forex brokerage account.  Different types of accounts are offered by different forex platforms for trading.  You might want to consider the leverage offered by the client, so that you can trade higher volumes for very little of your own money.  The higher the leverage, the higher the risk; however, the leverage factor is exactly what makes the forex trading process profitable.  You might have to watch out if you should pay commissions and fees for each trades you are involved in as well.

Forex Betting – Skills and Strategies

Once you start off with forex betting, you choose the list of currencies you will be trading with.  And, you get some help from forex signals and indicators to make your trading decisions, like when to enter the market and when to exit.  The logic is, you will be buying a currency for a price and you will be selling it at a higher price for better profits. The more volumes you deal with, the more money. This is about trading in forex by trying to take advantage of the differences in spreads of the currency pairs.

Bet on Forex

There is something called betting on currency pairs, where you will actually not be buying currency pairs in volumes, you will not be holding them for a period and selling it when the profits are favorable.  You will actually be speculating the market price direction for the asset type.  You will simply predict whether the price will go up or down.  If your prediction is correct, you will be paid accordingly.  If you are wrong, you will be losing your money.  The interesting thing is that at any point in time, you will be risking only your stakes.  You know your maximum loss limit, and therefore, you have control over how to spend.   This is also known as binary options for currencies.

Whether you trade in traditional forex markets or bet on forex, you should have the analytical skills to make timely decisions.


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