Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners

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Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners

The Forex markets are the biggest financial market in the world with a daily turnover of over $4 trillion. The Forex markets are open virtually all of the time, thanks to the different time zones across the world. One of the biggest advantages of Forex trading is access to leverage which allows you to enter the trade with a very low amount of investment. Forex trading entices traders of all levels, thanks to round-the-clock sessions, instant access to the currency market, and relatively low costs. It is also easy to lose money trading Forex. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader and/or investor, there are some Forex trading strategies traders, especially beginners must learn so that they can avoid losing money in the Forex market. This article will delve into some Forex trading strategies for beginners.

Do Your Homework

Many people lose money in Forex market because they did not do their homework properly. Do not enter the Forex market unless you have learned about various fundamental and technical aspects of Forex market and trading. Learn about geopolitical and economic factors that affect a particular currency pair. There are many technical factors such as historic highs and lows of a given currency pair, when a currency is overbought or oversold, and more factors that affect the Forex market.

Find a Reputable Broker

It is absolutely important for beginners to take the time to find a reputable Forex broker. You can read honest reviews of Forex brokers online to help you find a reputable broker. It is possible to end up doing business with a not so well-known broker if you have not researched your options. The safety of your deposits will be at stake if you have chosen the wrong broker. The trading platform provided by a less-than-known or unreliable broker could be the reason of you losing all the money quickly or over time. If you are choosing a broker from the USA, make sure the broker is a member of the NFA (National Futures Association) and is registered with the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). If you want to open an account with a broker from UK, Germany, Cyprus, and other countries, make sure the company you have chosen has its own regulatory body and is registered with the legitimate authority of a given country.

Start Small When Trading Live

Forex market is very lucrative. It can entice the beginners to trade often even when the market is particularly risky for the beginners. If you have just started as a new Forex trader, take your time to learn all the basics about Forex trading. When trading live online start with small. Trade in one position at a time without risking the entire trading account. Evaluate your trading plan and position. Gain more experience by trading small so that you can take more calculated risks over time.

Use Leverage Carefully

In Forex, leverage simply means borrowed funds from an online Forex broker. This gives a trader the ability to choose the size of their position, allowing them to magnify their returns on their investment. For example, if your leverage is 50:1 and you have opened a trading account with $5,000, then you can put on a maximum of ($5,000 × 50) or $250,000 in a single currency or more currency trading positions the Forex market. But you will not be able to use the full face value of the given leverage because there are commissions, interests, and other charges. Usually the leverage provided is 50:1 or 100:1, but some Forex brokers offer leverage up to even 500:1, depending on the size of position the traders are trading and type of account they have opened. But, it is strongly recommended for beginners to use less leverage because if a trade goes wrong with a significantly higher leveraged trading position, the loss can be substantial.

Treat Trading as a Business

You will probably never make money trading Forex if you do not treat it as a business. Amateur traders can lose money quickly. It is essential to treat Forex as a business, taking a professional approach towards Forex trading. You should look forward to long-term success. As with any business, Forex trading also has risks, potentials, expenses, losses, profits, and uncertainty. A couple of wins and losses should not move you emotionally. Treat each win and loss as a normal activity of the business. Plan well, stay organized and learn from both successes and failures to ensure a successful career in Forex trading.

Final Words

Forex market is a very extremely volatile market where traders can make large profits quickly as well as lose substantial money, depending on the trading strategies. It is important that beginners in particular, are well-prepared, patient, treat Forex trading as a business, and apply good money management techniques to become successful in Forex trading.


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