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How to bet on formula one betting

How To Bet on F1 | F1 Betting

Motor racing has become a hugely popular spectator sport all over the world in the past 50 years and nothing is as prestigious as the Formula One world championship. This series sees 22 drivers go head to head over 20 races to see who is the fastest driver in the world. Many legendary names have driven in the sport with the likes of Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher become household names across the globe. With glamorous car companies such as Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus all competing against one another, it means that the boundaries of engineering will always be pushed to ensure that the cars are as fast as possible.  However, is it easy to bet on something this fast and frantic?

What odds can I get when betting on F1?

There are lots of different betting odds available to someone who wants to bet on Formula 1. Many people to choose to make a bet on the overall championship which sees someone place a bid on one driver to win the overall championship. Obviously, the drivers who are in the fastest cars will have shorter odds than those who are driving for the slower team. It is also possible to make an each way bet which can let someone choose the first 3 drivers at the end of the season.

Aside from making a bet on the overall championship, it’s also possible to make a bet on an individual race. Obviously, the most common race bet is the eventual race winner. Usually, the drivers who are at the front of the championship or who have already won races will come in at short odds for the overall victory. However, if some of the midfield teams such as Sauber and Williams qualify well, they will come in at reasonable odds to cause an upset at the end of the race.

Moving away from the race winner, there are also some other features in a race that are worth betting on. One of the most popular of these is betting on who sets the fastest lap of the race. With conditions always changing throughout a race, it is much more of an open market than the race winners and it’s not uncommon for a surprise name such as Force India or even Toro Rosso to get the award which will give a good payout for anyone who is looking for an upset.

Alongside this, betting on the podium positions can allow someone to win quite a bit as they try to guess which drivers will come second and third. It’s possible to make combination bets which will see 2 drivers placed in one bet to land on the podium and it can be a good way to see win money on more established drivers such as Vettel and Alonso.

For those looking for slightly more adventurous bets, there are different bids which focus on more technical aspects of the sport. One of the best ways to do this is to make a head-to head bet on a team to see which driver comes up on top at the end of the season. This means someone can place a bet on Webber to finish ahead of Vettel throughout the course of the season and win money if he has done this at the end of the season. In a slightly different twist, it can also be possible to back drivers at home events to do well such as Massa to finish in the top 5 at the Brazilian GP. As that driver will know the circuit and have home support, they are likely to do well whilst coming in at better odds than they  might have at other circuits

How does a circuit and conditions alter the result of a race?

As there are 20 tracks currently on the F1 calendar, it’s not surprising that each track will have different characteristics and conditions. Some of the tracks such as Shanghai, Monza and Abu Dhabi have long, fast straights which means that some cars such as Mercedes and McLaren are going to perform better here as they have the highest top speeds. Meanwhile, there are some street circuits such as Monaco and Singapore which are tight and technical which require good handling meaning that cars such as Ferrari and Red Bull are always going to be at the front at these tracks.

With races taking place all year round, it means that the conditions will vary not just at each event but doing the race themselves. Some tracks such as Sepang, Silverstone and Spa are known for having unpredictable weather meaning that it could be worth choosing some midfield runners to try and cause an upset in difficult conditions. However, in warmer drier circuits such as Bahrain and India, it’s always going to be dry meaning that the faster cars are going to prevail over slower teams.


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