How to Bet on Hockey

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How to Bet on Hockey

There are different ways to bet on hockey. Although betting on hockey is not as popular as betting on other sports, betting on hockey gets the attention when the hockey season in major leagues across the world is underway. But, more and more betters are getting into hockey betting as opportunities for earning significant profit exist in hockey sports betting if you know where to look for them.

Different Ways to Bet on Hockey

Betting on hockey does not depend on a variable point spread, but on the money line and variations on it. Here are some of the best ways you can bet on hockey:

Money line – The most common form of hockey betting works just like the money lines that are available in other sports. Money line is the most common form of baseball as well as hockey betting. It is simple to use money line to bet on hockey. First off, one of the hockey teams is made favourite, and the other team is the underdog. The money line for the favourite is expressed as a negative number less than -100. If you bet on a favourite team that has a -160, then you would have to bet $160 to win $100. A favourite team with a -160 would typically have an underdog team with a +140. You would have to bet $100 to win $140 if you want to bet on the underdog team with +140. You can also bet on the whole game including the overtime period and penalty shootout through money line.

Regulation only – The odds for regulation only bets are expressed as a spread of half a goal, and apply only to the first three periods of the game only. The favourite team in regulation only betting will have a -0.5 spread. If the game is drawn at the end of the third period, you lose the bet if the favourite loses. If you want to win bets using regulation only method, bet on the better team and get a better price on the favourite team.

The Puck line – The puck line is a spread of 1.5 goals. When you bet the favorite team it has the puck line of -1.5 goals. Betting on the puck line includes just regulation time; the outcome of the overtime will not be counted. The bet will always be resolved by the end of the regulation time. The underdog team can have a puck line of +1.5 goals. Payoff is significantly higher in the puck line betting. Puck line can be used in combination with the money line to create your own line which means you can set your own spread based on the proportion of the money you bet on the money line and the puck line.

Totals – Betting totals in hockey works in exactly the same way totals betting works in other sports. You bet on the total number of goals, typically set at 5.5 or 6, both teams score in one game. You can also bet on the number of goals that one team is going to score. In totals bets the prices typically start at -110, but can be adjusted from there, depending on the amount of action on each side of the total.

First periods – First periods bets allow you to bet on the first period of the game. You can use a money line (with a 0.5 goal spread) and a totals bet on the outcome of the first period of the game. First periods betting in hockey can be handy to capitalize on a team that is a fast starter, or to bet against a team that you suspect could lose in a game.

Final Words

Hockey has grown in popularity quite a bit over the years in sports betting industry. Betting on hockey can be a great way to earn some extra money.

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