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How to bet on golf

How To Bet on Golf | Golf Betting

PGA Golf is a superstar laden sport. Some of the golfers on this tour are among the most famous athletes in the world. Tiger Woods is the most celebrated player in the world as he has won 14 majors in his career. He is four shy of tying Jack Nicklaus for the most all time. The majors include the Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA. These four are known as the “Grand Slam” if a golfer can win them all at some point in his career. Tiger was held all four titles simultaneously.

There are many wagers one can place on PGA Golf Tournaments, from Outright Betting (picking the winner), to Place Only (your golfer finishes in the Top 5), to Handicap betting (a point spread for golf).

Golf might be the easiest sport to bet one, especially for the novice fan. There’s a simple way to explain golf. Every time a golfer hits the ball, that’s a stroke. Whoever hits it the least wins. Anybody can understand it.

Betting then becomes all about your knowledge about golfers and how they are playing recently, and also how they have done in previous years at the course they will be playing on this week.

Once you have done your research, go toand find the menu at the left of the page. There you will find the golf link on the left with the other sports. There you can find various golf tournaments and bets. Let’s go over these:

Outright Betting

This is picking the winner of the tournament. You will see the name of the golfers along with odds of that golfer winning the tournament. For example, you might see this: Garcia, Sergio 12/1. If you place a $100.00 wager on Sergio Garcia to win, and he wins, you would win $1,200.00. If you see Sullivan, Andy 250/1, then a $100.00 bet on him to win pays you $25,000.00. That’s pretty simple. Now, if your man comes in second, you get nothing with this wager. That is where some of these others come in, such as…

Place Only Betting

This is the same as the previous one except that your golfer only has to finish in the top five spots. If he finishes fifth, you win. If he finishes first you win the same amount. As you would expect, the odds are lower. since your chances of winning increase five fold. So Sergio Garcia is 9/4 in this one which means a $100.00 bet pays $225.00.

To Finish in Top 10

The same applies with this one except now; your golfer needs only to finish in the top ten. In this one, Garcia is 11/10, which means a $100.00 wager would pay you $110.00.

72 Hole Handicap Betting

This is the golf equivalent of betting with the point spread. If you’re golfer has a -4 next to his name, and he finishes three strokes behind the winner, then you win. Sudden death does not count and if you’re golfer misses the cut; you lose. So if you have Garcia -1 and he ends in a tie, even if he loses in sudden death, you still win. So at 9.00, a $100.00 bet would pay out $800.00. If you have Garcia -1 and he loses by one, you get back your $100.00 but you win nothing.

Top Australian Player

This is pretty self-explanatory. Take all the Aussies listed here, low score wins. If you bet Fraser, Marcus 2.8 and you bet $80.00, if he bets the other three Aussies on the list, you win $150.00.

Big Guns vs the Field

This is the golf version of roulette. The Big Guns will have a list of the favorites. There may be five, or ten, or something in between. If one of them wins and you bet the Big Guns you win. The Field is everybody not on the list. If one of them wins, and you bet Big Guns, you lose. The Field is 1.66, which means to win $100.00 you need to risk $150. The Big Guns are 2.1 which means a $100.00 bet would pay off $110.00.

Insurebet 5 Places

This one works exactly like the Outright bet, except your odds are lowered because if your golfer finishes within five places of the top, you don’t lose any money. You won’t win any unless your golfer wins but if he is close, you won’t lose either.

To Finish in Top 20

Self explanatory. Same as the Top 10 bet but lower odds and your golfer only needs to finish in the top 20. Lower odds of course.

Finishing Position

This one is a bet you would place on a golfer on where he will finish with a 20 -position window. In other words if you bet Garcia will finish somewhere between 1-20 and he finishes 15th, you would win. If you bet on him to finish 21-40 and he comes in 27th, you win. If he finishes 19th, you lose.

Match Betting

These are different one-on-one matchups. All you have to do is pick which one will have the lower score between the two.

Tips for Beginners

As with any betting on sports, information is essential, especially for beginners. Do your homework. Learn why some players do better on certain courses than others (for example, Tom Watson thrives on “links” while Phil Mickelson does not).

Start with bets where your odds are lower and your probability for winning is higher and then you can work your way up toward the bigger payout wagers. Remember that insurebet is your friend.


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