College Basketball Betting

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How to bet on college basketball

How To Bet on College Basketball | College Basketball Betting

The NCAA Tournament, “a.k.a” March Madness

If you are not familiar with college basketball, it is one of America’s favorite sports. There are over 350 schools who are all trying to get to “March Madness” to have a shot at winning the national championship. Unlike football, every school at least has a chance to win the title, even though in reality the large state universities eventually wind up at the top. Unless of course your name Is Duke or Butler. March Madness is perhaps the biggest on most gambled upon sports event on the calendar. The first two days of the tournament are a sports fans dream. 32 nationally televised games in two days during the week makes for some very long lunch hours all over the country.

How to Bet on Basketball

Betting on basketball is basically the same as betting on football. So if you are familiar with football betting, then basketball betting will come easily to you. If you go to a sports book, such as, you can go to the basketball page and there you click on “Game Lines” to bet on a game. When you do that you will see a list of all of today’s NCAA games. Let’s walk you through some of these.


Let’s say you go to Bet365 and you see a line that looks like this

Cal State Northridge at Hawaii


Cal State Northridge +4.5   1.91   Hawaii -4.5 1.91

If you bet on Cal State, if you bet $110.00 and they lose by four points or less, you win $100.00. If Hawaii wins by five or more you would lose. If you bet the $110.00 on Hawaii, and they win by five points or more you win $100.00. If they win by four points or less, then you lose.


Over 152           1.91       Under 152         1.91

This is a bet on how many points the teams will score combined. It doesn’t matter who wins, or by how much. All that matters is the total number of points. If you bet the “over” then the two teams must combine for 153 or more for you to win. If you bet $110.00 and they score 153, then you win $100.00. The same thing happens if you bet the “under”. If the two teams score 152 or less, then you win $100.00 on a $110.00 wager.


Cal State Northridge         2.7   Hawaii                   1.5

This is a bet on who will win the game. It does not matter if your team wins by one point or 20 points. They just need to win. If you were to bet $100.00 on Cal State and they win, you would win $170.00. If you bet $100.00 on Hawaii and they win, you would win $50.00


You may want to take a crack and picking the exact point spread. If so you can bet the winning margin.

Where you see:

CS Northridge to win by 1-2 points     11

If you bet $100.00 and Cal State Northridge wins by either one point or two points, you would win $1000.00. If they win by three points or more, you lose. Same thin applies if you bet the 3-6 points margin. If they win by one or two, you lose. If they win by seven or more, you lose. But if they win by three points, four points, five points, or six points, you win. The odds on 3-6 is 7.00 so you would win $600.00 on a $100.00 wager


You can bet on whether Cal State will score an odd or even number of points. You can bet on Hawaii scoring wither on odd or even number of points. Or you can bet on the two teams combining for an odd or even number of points. Odds on these bets are 1.91 so you wager $110.00 to win $100.00


On some sports books at certain times you will see this under college basketball. These are odds on teams to win the NCAA Tournament. If you see odds that look something like this

Kentucky       2.6

This means a $500.00 wager on Kentucky will win you $800.00 if they win the NCAA Tournament. These odds will update periodically during the season. A good time to bet on a team is after they lose, as this will increase their odds.

And of course you have the prop bets and parlays the same as when you bet on the NBA games.


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