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How To Bet on Basketball | Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball is basically the same as betting on football. So if you are familiar with football betting, then basketball betting will come easily to you. If you go to a sports book, such as, you can go to the basketball page and there you click on “Game Lines” to bet on a game. When you do that you will see a list of all of today’s NBA games. Let’s walk you through some of these.

New Orleans Hornets at Orlando Magic- Let’s say you see a line that looks like this:

NO       +3 10/11      O 182.5   27/20

ORL       -3 10/11       U 182.5     20/30

Betting the Spread- You will see the Hornets are listed as +3 10/11. To place a wager on the Hornets, let’s use $100.00 for a nice round figure, you would need to risk $110.00 to win $100 if you want the three points. This means that if the Magic wins by two or less you would win. If the Magic wins by three, you “push” which means you would get your original $110.00 back. If the Hornets lose by four or more points, you lose.

Same applies if you bet on the Magic. The Magic is -3 at 1.91 odds at bet365 for example. So you would again risk $110.00 to win $100.00. If Orlando wins by four or more, you win. If they win by three it is a push. If they win by two or fewer (or lose of course) you would lose.

Over/under totals- The over/under totals bet is betting on the number of points that the two teams will combine for in the game. It does not make any difference who wins, or by how much. You simply bet on the total number of points. The line is 182.5. Where you see O 182.5 10/11 if you think there will be 183 points or more scored in the game, you will risk $110.00 to win $100.00. If the two teams score 182 or fewer, you lose. If they score 183 or more, you win. There is no push. Conversely, you can bet on the under by going to the line below where it says U 182.5 10/11.

Money Lines- To the right, you will see the figure 27/20. This is a bet you would place on New Orleans to win the game. If you think the Hornets will win and you bet $100.00, you would win 27 *5 or $135.00. On the Magic line you see 20/31. If you think the Magic will win and you want to make $100.00 then you need to risk 31*5 or $155.00.

Parlay Bets- You may decide to try your skills at picking multiple winners. Of course you can place several wagers and try to pick more winners than losers and make a small profit. But if you want to try and score big profits because you feel strongly about more than one game, you can play a two, three, or four team parlay. A parlay bet increases the odds the more games you bet. This is because to win on a parlay, you have to win every game. If you play a two team parlay, if one team wins and one loses, you lose. That also goes for a three-team or four team or whatever number you decide to play. You lose one, you may as well lose them all, because you just did.

The odds on parlays go up the more you bet, for example:

A two-team might be 2.72. So a $100.00 bet on a two team would pay you $272.00 and you get back your $100.00 too.

A three team might be 6.11. A four team might be 12.50, etc. So if you get a three team parlay right, a $100.00 bet could win you over $600.00. Sometimes they might be as low as $400.00, depending on the odds and points spreads.

Prop Bets- Props are fun bets. Props are bets you can make on several things besides who wins the game. They can be on almost anything:

First team to score

First team to hit a three-pointer

First team to 25 points

How many points will (____) score?

You can over/under prop bets on stats such as blocked shots, steals, assists, etc. They could be team oriented or sometimes on certain players. Sometimes these bets have over/under numbers assigned, sometimes not. Such as which team scores 25 first, that would have odds like

Miami 1,66

Boston 2,5

So is the Celtics get to 25 first and you bet $100.00 on them, you’d win $150.00

A bet on how rebounds Lebron James will get might have 10.5 as an over/under. If you bet the over and he gets 11 you win. If he gets 10 you lose.


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