American Football Betting

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How to bet on american football

How To Bet On American Football | American Football Betting

Football is the most widely wagered on sport in the USA, maybe even in the world. In other sport is the point spread so widely watched, even by those who do not necessarily make wagers with sports books. Football office pools are as part of the work place as coffee breaks and long lunches. Many people bet football games with friends on the handshake. It is just part of the game.

Sports Books are also a way to wager on football. Many people use these to place bets on games they ordinarily wouldn’t have a rooting interest in. Having some money of the game can make it more exciting to watch. Most people know about betting with their buddies. Your buddy says the Giants will win, you think the Redskins will win, so you bet $10.00. Whoever wins the game decides the bet. But with a sports book, there is a little more to it than that. Let’s look at Pinnacle Sports book and check out the odds on this week’s football games:

The Point Spread

 Let’s say you see a line on Pinnacle that looks like this:

 Handicap                                         Money Line                 Total Points

Purdue                 +17 1.926        7.040                             Over 71   1.952

Oklahoma State -17 1.980         1.113                           Under 71 1.952

 If you bet $100.00 on Purdue and you take the 17 points, and Purdue loses 30-14, you win $92.60. If they lose 31-14 it is a “push” and you get back your $100.00 but you win nothing. If they lose 32-14, you lose.

 If you bet Purdue at 7.040, then they must win the game. If they win, then you win $604.00. In other words, you $100.00 turns into $704.00. If you bet Oklahoma State, then you would win $11.30. So your $100.00 becomes $111.30.

 Same thing happens with the over/under. If you bet the under and the score of the two teams adds up to 70 points, then your $100.00 becomes $192.50. So you would win $92.50. If the score adds up to 71, then it is a “push” and you still have your $100.00. If they score 72 or over, you lose.

 Half Time Results; Second Half Results; Double Bets

If you want some other betting options, another popular way to bet on football is to bet on the halfs. If you got to Paddy Power you will see that not only can you bet on the games, much like on Pinnacle, but you can bet on each half.

You will see a line that looks like this:

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

Double Result

Cincinnati Bengals- Cincinnati Bengals           4.5

If you bet $100.00 and the Bengals outscore the Texans in both halves, then you win $350.00.

You can also wager:

Cincinnati –Houston       7.5

Cincinnati- Draw             18.00

Houston- Houston           2.1

Houston- Cincinnati       10.00

Houston- Draw                 15.00

Draw- Cincinnati             21.00

Draw-Houston                 12.00

Draw- Draw                       34.00

Overtime in this bet does not count. So if you were to bet the draw/draw for $100.00 and the score was tied at halftime, then was tied again at the end of regulation, you would win $3,300.00.

You will also notice several other wagers you can make such as the first team to score ten points (pretty self-explanatory). You can bet on winning margins such as 1-6 points (Bengals or Texans), 7-12 (Bengals or Texans), etc.

 So betting on football this time of year can be an exciting, and hopefully profitable way to spend your new year.


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