What are free bets?

what are free bets

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Whilst most bets will require us to place money down and hope that it successful, there are certain times when bookmakers will make special offers providing a free-bet when someone spends a specific amount on the site. These offers will apply at different times and on different occasions so it’s important to be aware of what the offer is and what’s needed to get the free bet. So how does it all work?

What exactly is a free bet?

A free bet is usually when a bookmaker tries to entice someone to sign up with them by letting the punter make a free bet after spending so much with that firm. Whilst someone will have to pay out if they lose the bet, a free bet will not cost the user anything if it all goes awry. For example, if someone was to bet £20 on a horse race, then that horse didn’t win, then the punter won’t lose the £20 that they originally placed. However, if the bet is successful, then the free bid has been used and the user will get their winnings. Going back to the last £20 bet, if that horse was to actually win at odds of 3-1, then the user will receive £60 in winnings and the free bet would have been used.

What types of free bets are available?

Every bookmaker will offer different bets depending on who they are trying to get to sign up with their firm. The most common offer is that bookmakers will look to match the amount of whatever the punter makes on their first. This means that if someone £20 for their first bet, then the bookie will match that £20 bet in the form of a token or voucher which can be used another time. It’s also common for bookmakers to offer a certain amount of free bids but split it into several different smaller bets. So if a company offers a series of bets worth £40, it’s likely to be in a series of 4 x 10 free bets. Sometimes, the free bet will come in form of a bonus voucher which is deposited into the user’s account. Normally, this means that when someone makes their first bet, they will then receive that amount back in credit into their account. The amount will vary but it usually is either 50% or 100%.

It’s also possible for companies to give a bet bonus which means that the bookmaker will give a bonus amount on top of the winnings from the bet. The bonus itself will depend on how much the original bet was and then given out accordingly. So, if the offer is 100% of a £50 bet, it means that the user will receive a £50 bonus if their £50 bet was successful.  There is also a possibility to receive a cashback bonus which would see the bookmakers place a cash bonus into the user’s account instead of receiving a free bet. However, it’s only going to be possible to withdraw the cash from certain points so check out where it’s possible to withdraw the cash from the account.

How can I claim a free bet?

Claiming a free bet is fairly straightforward to do provided the user knows all of the conditions relating to the offer. After choosing which bookmaker to go with, go to their site and read all of the terms of the free bet. If everything is good to go, register with the site and create an account on their site.  Once that’s all done, the punter will need to place their bet. When placing the bet, know exactly what events are covered by the free bet and how much is needed to make the bet valid. If these are all correct, then the free bet will be ready to go and the user can use it whenever they need to. Just remember that the offer may have an expiry date so use it on an upcoming event and don’t lose out on a free bet!

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