How to Bet on Winning Margins

How to Bet on Winning Margins | Winning Margins Betting

Winning margins is a complicatedly easy bet whereby you bet on what the number of goals that a team will be winning by come the end of the match.

This is twofold really as firstly you must predict the winning team and then you need to wager as to how many goals they will win by.  Each outcome has different odds associated with it.

Taking an example, Scotland are 5.00 to beat England by 1 goal with the English 3.60 to win by the same margin. If you plumped for the first option, a £10 bet would get you £50 however the same money would only get you £36 if you chose the Three Lions. The reason for this is that England are the favourites for the game.

Scotland are a unit are considered a well organised side that don’t score a lot but generally don’t conceded a lot either. With this in mind, the odds on the Scottish winning by two goals suddenly go up to 10, with a three goal winning margin 34.00, an indication of the unlikelihood of its occurrence.

Betting on winning margins is a good betting tool to use if you understand the bet and how it works. This is definitely a more experienced better’s bet. The quality of opponent, form of teams and individual players is a big indicator here.

Big sides taking on minnows with their star player on fire would usually lead to a large scoring opportunity although like picking a first goal scorer bet [where he won’t get you money if he comes off with the game goal-less] you are scuppered if your bet is ruined by a late consolation goal.

If you think a team is going to win by a set number of goals then a winning margin bet is definitely a tool that can be used to your advantage.

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