How to Bet on Wincast

How to Bet on Wincast | Wincast Betting

There are those amongst us that like to push things as far as they can. If you climb a hill, they will climb a mountain. If you run 10km, they will run 20km. These are ambitious and competitive people. If you place a bet on the winning team in a game, they will not only pick the winning team but will also add in an anytime scorer into the mix also.  While the hill and the run were something that you could live with, making additional money is not. Welcome the world of the wincast.

If you take by way of example, Scotland versus England. Scotland are 3.75 to win the game with Steven Fletcher 8.00 to score anytime. On their own, a single bet of £1 on each would return 11.75. However if you were to combine them and place as a single bet then the odds become more attractive. Using the Scotland and England match, Scotland to win with Steven Fletcher to score is 14.00.  Bigger return with less staked.

Wincasts are good bets if you are confident that the selected team will win and the player will score. There are a number of combinations that work very well in this mix, notably Barcelona & Lionel Messi, Real Madrid and Ronaldo and in the UK, Chelsea and Diego Costa and Manchester City and Sergio Aguero.

These are teams that have high winning percentage margins and also are backed by a deadly striker. However this type of bet is not only applicable to elite teams and players.  If you think that your teams star forward is going to have a good game and score, then it is very good chance that should he score that his team would.

Looking at a team’s success rate when a certain player scores is a useful way of maximising the potential outcomes from wincasts.

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