How to bet on First Goalscorer

How to bet on First Goalscorer | First Goalscorer Betting

With 22 players on a field of play from the start of the game, not to mention the potential for a further 6 players to enter the field of play, choosing a first time goal scorer can sometimes be a tricky affair. Looking at it logically, the star strikers and playmaker are the obvious choices however as we all know logic and football often don’t mix well.

Before we look in to the dos and don’ts of the first scorer market, let’s properly define what the first scorer is. It shouldn’t take long. The first scorer market is as ronseal a betting term as you can find, it means exactly what it says on the tin – a bet on the first goal scorer in a game.

Before you choose your first goal scorer in a game, is it worth knowing the following caveats.

  • Own goals – while they might count on the field of play but in the cyber world of online betting owns goals are void from a first scorer perspective. So if the first goal in a game is an own-goal the next goals scored becomes the “first” goal. I did say this was easy.
  • Subbed/doesn’t start – earlier we mentioned the 28 players that could potentially have an impact on the game.  Again there are rules in play to help you. If you player doesn’t start and there is a goal scored before he comes on then that bet is void. If no goal has been scored by the time the player comes on then the bet is still valid.
  • You can protect your bet with each-way options and insurance (yes, you can insure bets). Some bookmakers will pay reduced odds on if you select an e/w first time goal scorer. So if your choice doesn’t score the first but grabs the second then you will get dosh back but only a percentage. The insure bet market means you get reduced odds on your selection but if your player doesn’t score the first but manages to get on the score sheet later on you can your stake back.(18+, Gamble Responsibly)


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