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How to bet on asian handicap betting

How to Bet on Asian Handicap | Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap is a fast growing relatively new type of betting offered in football. The concept was introduced to give each team an equal chance of winning. This is done by awarding one of the team, generally the underdog, with an advantage, typically a goal or goals lead.

One of the main appeals of the Asian Handicap is that it eliminates the draw scenario, there is no home-draw-away option you simply have two choices, bet on the favourite or the underdog.

While Asian Handicap can appear confusing at first they are quite easy to understand once you know. If you choose the -1 handicap selection, your team has to win by two clear goals for your bet to come in, if your selected team only wins by one your stake is refunded.

If you select the team who has the +1 advantage, i.e. the one goal lead you win if they win or draw. If your team lose by just one goal then stake is refunded. This would be considered a good bet if you fancied the underdog to get a result, you’re bet can still come good if they lose, provided it just one by goal.

The standard Asian handicap scenario involves giving the underdog an advantage, for two evenly matched teams the handicap line would be level. If either teams win by any margin they are settled as the winning bet. If the game ends in a draw, the bet is void.

Where the contest is deemed to be unequal or heavily favour one party then one of the other teams is given a handicap.

Asian Handicap Example

Let’s look at an example to better explain this.

If you take Blackburn versus Cardiff.  The standard Asian handicap bet in this instance for Blackburn would be 0.0, -0.5 at 2.05. This is also known as the level half Asian handicap. So if you place a bet on Blackburn, you win the bet if the club win by one goal or more. If the game ends in a draw you lose 50% of your bet with the other half returned.

The stake won, whether the whole amount or part of is known as the push.  If you selected Cardiff at 0.0, -0.5 then if the Bluebirds win by a goal or more your bet comes in. If the game is a draw then similar to the first example you would lose half your stake with the other half returned.

The Asian handicap bet is represented by the half line and whole line handicap and the odds, and appears as so; -1.5, -2.0 6.1.  This is effectively a double Asian handicap. In this example half the stake money is placed on Blackburn at minus 1.5 goals and the other half on Blackburn at minus 2 goals.

So in this example, if the score finishes 3-1 to Blackburn, and you have bet on them, taking into account the handicap i.e. that they started 1.5 and 2 goals down respectively, the revised Asian Handicap score is 1.5-1 on the half line and 1-1 on the whole line meaning that you have half won and half pushed.

Great value on Asian Handicap Betting

For the punter, the Asian handicap market can offer great value bets. The removal of the draw scenario means that bookmakers have to vary the odds set and the advantage they take in the over-round, meaning that the profit they make is lower than the standard 90 minute game with a home-draw-away situation.

As well as offering the Asian handicap on the full time result, bookmakers will also offer the service during in-play with the bets settled according to the result of the remainder of the game from the time the bet is agreed, ignoring any prior goals.(18+, Gamble Responsibly)

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