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What is Arbitrage Betting | Arbitrage Betting

What Is Arbitrage Betting?

Believe it or not, there is one sure-fire method of winning money through sports betting though as you can imagine, such opportunities are rare. This technique is known as arbitrage betting and you don’t even need to be interested in sport to make money from this method. It is essentially the process of seeking out the difference in odds to make a profit. This is possible due to the huge amount of online bookmakers, each of which offers various odds in a bid to lure in bettors. It is a trading technique that has been used in financial markets for many years. Arbitrage betting is also known as a ‘SureBet’ and involves simultaneously placing bets on every possible outcome of a sporting event at odds that guarantee profit regardless of the result.

How Does It Work?

The key to being successful with arbitrage bets is to use the services of several bookmakers. Football is an incredibly popular choice for bettors but with three possible outcomes, it is not too easy to find an arbitrage bet. As tennis and basketball tend to have two outcomes (basketball has overtime in the event of a tie), finding SureBets is slightly easier but you still need to rely on basic mathematics to thrive. An example of an arbitrage bet in tennis is

Stake – $100

Player A is 1.36 to win while player B is 5.5 to win.

Bet $80 on player A for a total of $108.8 (80×1.36) if he wins.

Bet $20 on player B for a total of $110 (20×5.5) if he wins.

As you can see, you will make at least a profit of $8.80 no matter who wins. Such opportunities are commonplace when one player is heavily favoured over another and there are only two outcomes.

How To Take Advantage

With the advent of betting-in-play, arbitrage opportunities are more commonplace but you need to be exceptionally quick in order to profit as the odds change with amazing speed. The reason why you get the chance to win in the first place is because of the huge number of online bookies and the fact that they need to balance their books. Arguably the best time to find SureBets is when bookmakers open their books and begin to set the odds. The leading bookmakers rarely agree on the chances of an event occurring and the smaller bookies wait for the bigger fish to offer odds before copying them. As bookies often accept huge bets on one outcome, their books become unbalanced so the odds have to be changed. The odds of an event offered by a bookmaker always gets reduced the more money that is placed on it.

How Much Can You Win?

Bookmakers are professionals and rarely make huge mistakes so most arbitrage opportunities are small; in the region of 1-5% or $1-5 per $100 staked. We estimate that around 1% of books offer an arbitrage bet. There is probably a couple of 10% returns available per day but you would need to scan the world of online bookmakers for such an opportunity or alternatively, bookmark this site and allow our experts to do the hard work for you!

Which Bookies Can You Use?

Realistically, it is possible to use almost every bookmaker but the bigger the bookie, the less likely it is that you will find an arbitrage bet. However, we have discovered that arbitrage bets can be had on Bet365, 12Bet, BetVictor, 188Bet, Pinnacle and RedKings among others. It is also worth looking at Betfair because you will sometimes find major opportunities in-play as users can offer their own odds.

What To Beware Of?

The speed at which the odds can change means you need to be wary. For instance, you may find a fantastic football bet between three bookies and place your first two bets then find that the odds offered by the third bookie have changed. While there is arbitrage software, much of it is worthless and is simply a scam. Arbitrage bets are available to those with the time and finance and is the only ‘guaranteed’ way to win with sports betting.


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